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Foundation of the coach tour operator NEUKAM Reisen by Christine and Robert Neukam in Nuremberg
Neukam Reisen becomes agency for air journeys and cruises. Opening a sales office in Fuerth
Expansion: Taking over the traditional and biggest coach tour operator in Nuremberg "Omnibus-Römming". The company's name is now changed into NEUKAM RÖMMING Reisen. New generation: Lieselotte Hopf (née Neukam) and Reinhold Neukam take over the management (together with their marriage partners Eleonore Neukam and Horst Hopf)
Reinhold Neukam is killed in an air accident on Dec 3, 1972 during a business journey with the “Landesverband Bayerischer Omnibusunternehmer” (Association of Bavarian Coach Companies).
Renaming into NEUKAM Reisen.
Together with the two well-known local coach tour operators REBA-ENO Reisen und SCHIELEIN Reisen, NEUKAM Reisen establish a new package tour operator, named "NRS gute Reise …". The catalogues are produced by NRS gute Reise …, but the three share holders' sales offices remain independent.
Acquisition of REBA-ENO Reisen’s touristical business. As a result the company’s name is changed into NEUKAM-REBA.
The Franconian coach tour operator Stöcklein Reisen joins „NRS gute Reise…“ as third share holder. New generation: Björn Heinritz becomes senior manager and Stefanie Hopf becomes junior manager.